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The financial costs of the fossil fuel industry are particularly heavy for the City of Richmond and the East Bay region, where major oil refining operations like the Chevron Refinery have existed for decades. For example, the healthcare costs associated with oil refining in Contra Costa County are estimated to be between $72 Million and $140 Million each year. 

The healthcare costs due to the Chevron Refinery’s PM 2.5 emissions alone – not taking into account other major pollutant emissions – are estimated between $39 million and $89 million each year.

At the local level, the City of Richmond will require at least $150 Million to adapt to sea-level rise by 2040. Richmond also bears serious healthcare costs due to local oil refining activity. 

Contra Costa County is expected to need $1 Billion in infrastructure investments to adapt to sea-level rise and improve flood mitigation by 2040.

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