Just Transition

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Our Power, Our Vote!

Our Power, Our Vote is a campaign for frontline communities in the greater Richmond who are being displaced by rising costs of living. This is for residents who want to re-imagine what safety means in our community. Safety that includes a clean healthy environment where we give as much as we take and our actions work towards building and strengthening community. This is a campaign where we reach out one by one and meaningfully engage our community in being active change agents in our own community.

Housing is a Human Right
The Landscape of the Bay Area is changing fast. In Richmond, new developments are sprouting after the launching of the Ferry to San Francisco. Rents are increasing at dramatic rates pushing out long time residents who have weathered hard times and a legacy of injustice.

As a coalition we are dedicated to creating a Richmond that honors residents who have been apart of the community and are determined to create policies, and pathways for longtime residents to stay as opposed to being pushed out.

Our Coalition will be working collaboratively to track policies and development projects moving through the city that will impact housing and rents. We also will be pursuing how community land trusts can be a way to secure land for the people.

Just Transition Institute

The Just Transition Institute will be a space for front line community members to learn and develop their leadership skills and knowledge. In 2018 we are recruiting community leaders to co-develop and help us identify what leadership tools and classes are needed at this moment right now.